The events in Odessa at 22 November 2020

Ecstatic Party by Lab Sound Design Team

22 November 2020, 19:00
category: dancing
from 300 to 500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Friends, Hurray !!! Holiday Party from Lab Sound Design! ❣️ Ecstatic dancing  !!! This is a grandiose meeting of all creative, pleasant, joyful and grateful People who love holidays and nature!   Boyar Kiev music enthusiast, resident of the South Coast of Kiev and Birdhouse. In addition to Kiev, he conducted ecstatics at the festival on Ladoga, in Moscow and in Tbilisi. Seees in music an opportunity to express directly all the deepest emotions and live in dance what has been worked out with a psychotherapist for years Write in a personal: or 380680730087 380931932081 Luda REGISTER by link: We invite you to the Ecstatic Party to dance from the Lab Sound Design team, To the rhythmic and beautiful live music, open up and break out of the usual state. Comfortable, cozy space for Women, Men, Children and Families!  free alcohol and smart talking, nothing about. This is not a dance lesson, there is no choreography, you just need to listen to your body and move in the stream for the music, enjoying every movement that is born of itself, in the moment. Address: Ukrainian Sound University Primorska 18, Odessa If you think you don't like dancing, then there are two options. Or you just forgot about it, look at the children ... Or you just never really danced surrounded by nice people who do not appreciate you and your movements ...In an ecstatic dance of movement, The whole Man “loses his temper” - his body, feelings, memory and imagination. Words cannot convey an immeasurable feeling of joy, love of life, fascination with existence, that embrace the dancing man. During the dance, our consciousness expands, the perception of time changes. You will feel your primacy, return to childhood, experience joy, love, get to know your own body in a new way. There is always a state in the body, a perception in which we can do nothing but enjoy life ... Dance gives direct and easy access to this ocean of bliss. It doesn't matter your age, musical taste, physical fitness and dance skills, or the presence of a partner. Come with comfortable clothes and water. Come Celebrate, Have Fun Together!  We hug everyone with Warmth!  Cost: Preliminary - cheaper Until November 10: 300 UAH for one person or 250 UAH per group or couple. Odessa from 20 November: 400 UAH for one person or 350 UAH per group or couple. Payment on site: 500 UAH for one person or 450 UAH for a group or a couple. The number of seats is LIMITED to 60 people Thank you for your understanding #lsd #lsdhealing #LSD #lsdhilling #labsounddesing #sounddesing #soundhealing #handpan #ukraine #kiev #Kiev #Ukraine #soundbath #soundtherapy #yogamusic #together #genommusicstore #yogibogi

The poster of the event — Ecstatic Party by Lab Sound Design Team in Location