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Voznesensk canyons

22 November 2020, 07:00
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The excursion route begins with a visit to the Arbuzinsky Canyon. The canyon is a sinkhole in a bare steppe, a granite abyss in a crystalline shield, at the bottom of which a stream gurgles. The granite rocks here reach a height of 30-50 meters and are part of the regional landscape park "Granite-Stepnoye Pobuzhie", and the canyon is considered one of the oldest land areas in Eurasia. This area did not sink into the depths of the sea for 60 million years, hence a large number of unique wildlife objects. Aktovsky canyon - a canyon on the Mertvovod river near the village of Aktovo - is a unique complex of forest and aquatic ecosystems with an ensemble of rocks and granite boulders, the only one in Europe, which, in terms of its geological and landscape indicators in miniature, with great accuracy in the time of formation, resembles the famous canyons of North America ... The bizarre ornateness of the Dead Man's bed, the sheer walls, the remarkable beauty of the granite-basalt rocks (up to 125 m high) and the unique natural beauty attract savage tourists from all over Europe. The difficult terrain does not allow rafting down the river, but it is attractive for fans of extreme sports, rock climbers and climbers. The natural complex of the Aktovsky canyon, like all the banks of the Dead River, is a part of the Granite-Steppe Pobuzhie Regional Landscape Park, created in 1994 by the Nikolaev Regional Council. Now it is the natural national park "Bugsky Gard".The healing air infused with the aroma of herbs and the pristine jumble of rocks will leave an unforgettable impression on this walk. The village of Trikraty is one of the oldest villages in the Voznesensky district. It is not for nothing that the legend still lives today about how the local population three times (three times) expelled foreigners from their lands. According to another version, the Cossacks, who interfered with the emergence of landowners' villages, drove out the settlers three times. According to the third, local residents did not like idlers who, having settled here, disturbed the peace of the village and drove them out of their land three times. The estate of Viktor Petrovich Skarzhinsky (1778-1861) has been preserved since the early 19th century. All these places are associated with his name: without him there would be no forest, lakes, which means that there would be no full life, rich in plants, animals, birds, which boils in the Trikratsky forest. There are two famous Skarzhinsky in the history of our region: father Pyotr Mikhailovich and son Victor Petrovich. Skarzhinsky senior, colonel of the second Bug regiment, "distinguished himself in the capture of Ochakov, ascending together with the bravest one of the first on the ramparts of the fortress." So the youngest son Victor (the winner) received this name not by chance - in honor of his father's victory in the battle of Kinburn. The lands were received into the possession of Ulyana Bulatsel's wife, part of the land was a gift for the glorious service, and the lands were also bought.You can talk about Skarzhinsokm for hours: about his great love for his wife, native land, household. About talent, love of life, hospitality, thriftiness, valor. Skarzhinsky successfully implemented all his ideas in his Trikratsky estate, which later turned into a forest. Admiring the beauty of the trees in the Odessa Botanical Garden and the Acacia Alley in Pyatigorsk, walking in the parks of Alupka and Miskhor, it is worth remembering Viktor Petrovich Skarzhinsky - because many seedlings were taken from his nursery, which laid the foundation for the spruce, pine, larch alleys of these parks. The Skarzhinsky forest is a real treasure of the arid southern steppes. The forest was planted in the 20s of the 19th century by Count V.P. Skarzhinsky. The tract was also called "Labyrinth" - once there were many intricate paths, wooden arbors, several river channels with folding and hanging bridges. Now this green massif with picturesque landscapes, which, by the way, is a state reserve, occupies an area of ​​247 hectares, and its greatest value is considered to be the old mighty 120-200-year-old oaks. Hundreds of paths in a dense mixed forest. In the spring - herbs as tall as a person, in the fall - the mushroom period. Dozens of herbs of all colors. Together with foresters, the forest preserves about 200 oak trees. All of them are numbered and are under the control of the forestry.An artificial river flows along the Labyrinth, dug among the rocks by Skarzhinsky himself. It stretches for 1.5 km, very close to his house. All this was done for Natalia's beloved wife, so that she could always admire the peacefully bubbling water, getting cool and good mood in the sultry steppe. Once upon a time, white and black swans swam in it, fish were found. Squirrels run along the paths of the forest, in its thick coolness, and thousands of birds sing. In the XIX century. young ladies and gentlemen from all over the world - the host's guests - walked along the paths on beautiful horses of the landowner. Once there were 8 bridges with different romantic names. The place where the mill stood has been preserved. Passing through the local protected areas, it is not surprising to meet a large turtle, hedgehogs, snakes. Wild pigeons are constantly flying overhead. Here they have their own rock - "Pigeon's Nest", where Skarzhinsky himself liked to release his pigeons. You can meet pheasants, decorated with all the colors of the rainbow, that walk in pairs among the steppe grasses and, coming out to the road, watch the passing transport or the surprisedly frozen tourists. We will spend time in a fabulously beautiful place surrounded by dense thickets, heaps of rocks and streams with cold and clear water. After such a busy day, we will go home with a sea of ​​impressions, cheerful and rested. All transfers are carried out on a comfortable bus, accompanied by an attentive guide. November 8, November 15, November 22, November 29 DURATION: 1 DAY Program: 07:00 Departure from Odessa on a comfortable bus.10:30 We arrive at c. Trikrats. 10:45 We are going with a guide for a walk along the Arbuzinsky canyon. We learn about rare plants, admire the landscapes. We move to the Aktovsky canyon and go for a walk with a guide. We learn interesting facts and legends about this place, take vivid photos. 14:00 Moving to the Skarzhinsky forest. 14:30 We are resting in a green meadow. On the tables, we will have lunch treats (pork / chicken kebabs or baked mackerel, potatoes baked over a fire in foil, seasonal vegetables, bread, tea, coffee or homemade compote in the summer). Lunch is paid additionally - 200 hryvnia. 15:30 We go on an excursion around the reserved tract "Labyrinth", Trikratsky forest. 17:00 We leave home. 21:00 Arriving in Odessa. This tour is not suitable for young children or people with reduced mobility Slopes and descents are quite steep. The cost is 845 UAH. includes: transport service; excursion service; support by a company representative; insurance. The price does not include: - lunch 200 UAH Record, questions: 0674848989

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