The events in Odessa at 22 November 2020

Ukrainian Corinthians

22 November 2020, 10:00
category: exhibition
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‍Tse became! Odessa, play the art project “Ukrainian Corinthians” ! Project-vistavka, which has become a symbol of korovka an object of self-expression, freedom, a canvas of creative energy. A project for the development of a company Milk from a farmer with the creation of a wonderful piece of life, opening up the available art space. With a stretch of three months, the artists practiced at the creative laboratory, made dignity, transformed sculpture into pop culture. The message of the robotics chain has become a blissful show, which will be seen at the City Center shopping center to the Tabletochki fund, which in 2011 won the interest of children with cancer and families in Ukraine. We will ask all Odessa and guests of the place to get to know the robots of the Ukrainian mitts, see new names and pirnut at light fantasies! Heroes for the project: Braty Art Studio, Alexandra Velichko, Anya Bohdanova, Kosko Kosko, Anna Bogachuk (Ganna Bogachuk), Ekaterina Dashivets, Sonya Art, Lilit Sarkisian, Mariya Tumanova 1 - 25 leaf fall 2020 De: SEC City Center, Avenue Heavenly Sotnі, 2 Chekaєmo on you on vistavtsi and on your svitlini and video on social fences with the hashtag #Ukrainian_korivki! The approach will be based on the urahuvannya of all recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The poster of the event — Ukrainian Corinthians in Location