The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Osho Meditation / DOCTOR PRASAD from India

28 November 2020, 18:00
category: group training
100 UAH
place: Yoga Studio "by Jogada" (Marshala Govorova, 18a)

Osho Meditation We invite everyone to become familiar with Osho meditation and learn how it helps in life, and ultimately you can help yourself. This meditation includes spiritual techniques, chanting, dancing, concentration, relaxing dancing, and enjoyment. Duration: 75 minutes Anyone can join. Please reserve your seats. Address: Odessa, st. Govorova, 18a, YogaDom Tel .: +380 67 558 0734 +380 98 650 1937 WhatsApp +919496832116. DOCTOR PRASAD from India (Kerala) is now practicing in Odessa. A qualified naturopath, Master of Yoga, healer conducts programs of spiritual and physical healing. He also runs various alternative therapy and health education programs. YOGA IN THE MORNING from 07.30 to 09.00: Ashtanga Yoga (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat) Kundalini Yoga (Tue) Power yoga (Thurs) The cost of one lesson is 100 UAH. ☘️Harmonizing Abhyanga massage Udvartana Powder Massage Ayurvedic massage Marma Lymph drainage massage  Consultation Also in his program: * Spiritual healing * Prana Healing * Healing with Crystals * Healing by the Angel of Joy * Yogic Healing Touch * Purple Star Healing * Healing by the Wise *Psychotherapy * Hatha Yoga * Yoga Therapy * Mantra Yoga * Yoga for Face * Osho Meditation  Address: Odessa, st. Govorova, 18a, YogaDom Tel .: +380 67 558 0734+380 98 650 1937 WhatsApp +919496832116 www. www.

The poster of the event — Osho Meditation / DOCTOR PRASAD from India in Yoga Studio "by Jogada"