The events in Odessa at 23 November 2020

Hunt for the Mists

23 November 2020, 19:00
category: seminar/training
from 600 to 800 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

 Did the black cat cross the road?  Is it bad luck to come back?  We don’t spill salt, but we beat the dishes? Do you think these are your signs and omens? No! These are signs of some unlucky grandmother who instilled this in her friends, and they influenced our life, shaping events. How to find and read your guiding signs, create your own signs? This training is devoted to technologies for working with special sensory encodings (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), which are individual for each person and are the most effective assistants in tasks such as: • cooperation with personal and collective unconscious • vision of personal road signs • access and management of your picture of the world • and much more to help you walk YOUR way and enter YOUR doors ✅You will learn how to communicate with the unconscious so that it not only understands you, but also cooperates with you. ✅ Learn techniques to see and read personal signs ✅What previously seemed to you magical, mystical, mysterious will now become a simple and understandable step-by-step method. ✅You will no longer seek help from magicians and wizards, because now you will find out exactly what tools the so-called “magic thinking” operates with and will be able to help yourself !!! ✅These tools are encoded in the brain of every person, are available to everyone and are easily applicable for such a good cause as improving your health, your well-being, your relationships Let's get acquainted, Inna Tsobenko:✅More than fifteen years of successful entrepreneurship ✅Author and host of transformational and psychological games ✅Practicing author of trainings and master classes on happy relationships with life ✅Organizer of happiness. ✅ Public figure. Founder of the public organization "Veritas" In the fog, the one who comes in there is better oriented! Cost - up to 18.11 600.00 after 18.11 800.00 For members of the BORSCH group without BREADa special price REGISTRATION and prepayment are required 0673506687 or book a place at the event

The poster of the event — Hunt for the Mists in Location