The events in Odessa at 27 November 2020

Pop Art Renaissance / Renaissance music performance concert

27 November 2020, 19:00
category: concert
from 300 to 350 UAH
place: Hotel "Londonskaya" (Primorsky b-R, 11)

⚡Italian rave disco of the 15th - 16th centuries on a lute and a turtle shell? ✨ Who is the best antidepressant? What about the 16th century drum and base? Instead of a boring academic concert - a bright performance, and instead of a delicate savoring of authentic sound (which will also be), an emphasis on catchy dynamic contrasts and a degree of presentation - why not? Recently, Renaissance music performed on instruments oriented to historical models has been gaining an ever wider audience. The enchanting beauty of the instrumental timbres and the immersion in a harmonious sound world, far from modern vanity, makes an enchanting impression on listeners. The musicians will really surprise you this evening. You can hear the music of King Henry VIII of England, the mentally disturbed spy John Dowland. Look into the keyhole with Henry Purcell, as well as hear Spanish, Italian dances of the 15th - 16th centuries performed on the lute and turtle shell, drum and base of the 16th century and much more. Speakers: Dmitry Zemsky - musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist (oud, sitar, Renaissance and baroque lutes, baroque guitar, seven-string guitar, ukulele, ethnic flutes, hulusi.), Creator of concert programs performed on authentic instruments, teacher at the Stolyarsky school. Laureate and Diploma-recipient of International Competitions. Participant of many national and foreign festivals. For about 10 years he has been leading the "Guitaromania" project at the Odessa Philharmonic. Creator and front-man of the famous ethno-fusion band "ZIRA"Elena Richter is an opera singer, laureate of international competitions, in whose repertoire there is a huge genre variety of works of different styles of the 16th - 21st centuries. Of particular creative interest is the embodiment of the works of the Renaissance and Baroque. Natalya Mazepa (violin) - laureate of international competitions, teacher of the OSSMSH named after prof. P.S. Stolyarsky, participant of "OST west Musikfest" Austria 2016 - 2019, creative employee of the "Morawa Music Academy" Poland, soloist of the Ukrainian Sinfonietta Orchestra, soloist of art projects KGroup Music Art Promo Artem Kalutsky - cello, musician of the National and Chamber Orchestras of the Odessa Philharmonic, as well as concert programs "New Era", "Guitaromania". In addition to ancient and academic music, Artem Kalutsky's interests include diving and freediving. Artem Kiselevsky - percussion, in addition to performing at concerts of Renaissance music, is known for its co-creation with many artists and projects: Zira, Yuri Stoyanov, Monatic, Yulia Nelson, Felix Shinder, Niti, Mikroorchestra Kiero, Tigusigalpa, Atmosphere. Artyom is also fond of the art of fire shows, cycling, video filming and collecting. ✅ Taking into account modern requirements - there are only 50 seats in the concert hall ✅ Pre-registration UAH 250, on the day of the concert UAH 300, subject to availability. Payment: transfer to Privat card 5168 7422 1854 8463 All details and registration: +38 (073) 441 04 66 and +38 (067) 418 10 72 ✅ Viewer profile ☝️IMPORTANT!We are for your safety, therefore we have taken into account all the rules and recommendations of the Ministry of Health for conducting activities during the quarantine period

The poster of the event — Pop Art Renaissance / Renaissance music performance concert in Hotel "Londonskaya"