The events in Odessa at 25 November 2020

From conception to the first breath

25 November 2020, 18:30
category: seminar/training
place: The Association is also "Psyche" a psychological Studio (Armeyskaya str, 23)

From conception until the first breath. Round 2 - canopy. The nationality of a child is one of the most beautiful moments of life. Daddy politely and respectfully crawl before the baby appears. In our hour, I will be able to take away a great number of information from other specialties, read a lot of literature, take courses, sign up for employment. A lot of courses were imprisoned for the preparation of a woman to the canopy, for the supervising of a woman at the canopy, for a robot with a quiet woman. That child is in steam. Until the conception of the communion two, and from the same to the vaginosti, the people and the vikhovannya also. Vagitnі cholovіki may be experiencing new emotions, they have fears, power supply, thoughts and bastards to kill everything, but the squad's doorstep passed easily, a healthy little boy was born and the woman sensed goodness for herself. The honor of both fathers and razpodil vіdpovіdnosti 50 to 50 - the same, you want to convey to couples Fatherhood yak won є, vid conceived before the first breath. We have created a whole author's project, some of them are like fathers and a good memory that I see, I know from the first visit, from the other ... fathers bully learned, and the stench brought satisfaction. The couple did not fill up the hum and invented the bicycle, but knew their strengths, on which they can rely on and how to balance their own shoes that are special for themselves. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What do you check? - Bagato practical navikiv. - The information on the skin period is important. - Robot with peace of mind and emotions.Zavdannya, which is put: - prevention of family conflicts - complex preparation of the family to the children of the child - preparation of the vagina woman - specific reminders and navi for partner canopies - the basic knowledge of the well-looked-up child. Round 2 program: 11.25 - The role of the cholovik in the canopy Vzaєmodiya at couple: іntimnі stosunki, dovira and vzaєmorozumіnnya Vasil Gerasimov will spend the whole day for you. 26.11 - Psychological training before the floor. Step by step, which will help you and how you can make it easier. Vede Julia Fedorova. 11/27 - Practical preparation before the floor. Dikhannya, positsii, partnerska interaction at the curtains. Vede Julia Fedorova. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Program for the whole course: Round 1. Vigor, the robot with the spirit and the emotions. Sexual life before the hour of vaginosti. The creation of harmonious, adaptable and dovіrlivіh stosunіv. Round 2. Curtains. Physiology of the canopy. Preparing til until flat. The role and help of the person. The first breath is physiological and psychological warehouse. Round 3. Life is just to be repaired. Pislyapologova adaptation. The role and function of the fathers. Breast vigodovvannya. Early start - the life of a baby up to 1 month. The participation of one round is 1500 UAH. Misce conduct Psyche ул. Armyska 23. The number of people is surrounded. The approval of your message from the group є the overpayment for the size of 10% of the income. Record and details for the phone. 0672714632, 0937404234 (vibeer). +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Leading the project:Fedorova Yuliya - Master of Psychology, Perinatal Psychologist and Psychotherapist with 10-Day Doctrine of Robotics, Specialist in Psychosomatics, Instructor for Aquaprading and Gymnastics for Vagitants, Mother, Head and Organizer x dіtok, 12 rockіv in the stosunka, and 10 in the shlyubі Gerasimov Vasil - rehabilitation, vertebrologist, neuropsychologist, practicing osteopathic education to health, cranio-sacral therapy, specialist in the field of neuro-lymphatic reflexology therapy according to Champman, certification of such diseases

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