The events in Odessa at 22 November 2020

Walking / Odessa has a woman's face

22 November 2020, 12:00
category: tour
295 UAH
place: PL. Cathedral (near the fountain)

ODESSA'S WOMAN'S FACE - walking tour Do you remember how Bulat Okudzhava addressed a woman in his poem? THE WOMAN IS YOUR MAJESTY! And the poet of the Silver Age Valery Bryusov wrote YOU A WOMAN AND THIS IS YOU RIGHT. REMOVED FROM CENTURY BY A STAR CROWN. And how many feelings the recognition gives rise to YOU ​​A WOMAN, YOU A WILD DRINK! Let's talk about women whose fates were associated with Odessa. For whom were they inspiring muses? Who confessed his love to them? How it was? We'll talk about - To whom was the confession written in the letter * Oh, good Angel! I pray and cry before you. You have confirmed in me faith in the existence of saints on earth! * - Who was known among the Odessa poetesses as the most exotic, why? What phrase became the winged one of Ellochka the ogre of * 12 chairs * Ilf and Petrov? - Who did the theater director kiss the hem of the dress after the concert in the presence of Vera Kholodnaya and Alexander Vertinsky? - Who and for whom at first joked so that * could make Richelieu laugh *, and then went crazy with love in Odessa? - Let's talk about a great woman who was compared to a saint and about whom they wrote how royalty and light came from her entire appearance. And many more extraordinary interesting romantic details about the intricacies of love! Start and finish at the fountain on Cathedral Square. Duration - 2.5-3 hours. Price - 295 UAH Record by phones: +380630702722; +380981704404

The poster of the event — Walking / Odessa has a woman's face in PL. Cathedral