The events in Odessa at 26 November 2020

(Un) replace the zbroi: display of the poster by Mikoli Goncharov

26 November 2020, 10:00
category: exhibition
place: Museum "Steppe Ukraine" (Lanzheronovskaya str., 24A)

Display of posters from Mikoli Goncharov to Odessa. The representative of the Kiev dynasty of artists saw the fall for the show on the 17th leaf fall about 13:00. Don't miss the show with the mitz! Three grandmothers Vrubel painting the image of the Mother of God. Mikola will write that we will learn the caligrapher Vasil Chebanik. Two-handed winner of the international competition “STOP CENSORS!”. Poster, illustrator, designer, I will decorate books. Restration on the display of the wistavka for ZMI representatives: The organizer of the show is the National Museum of the Revolution of Life, de Mikola Goncharov is a staff artist. Vistavka trivatime up to 20 breast. The theme of the posters is a mystical reaction to the mood before the hour and on the Maidan. The name of talking about the significance is not out of smart vision, but information is the transmission of the truth to creativity. When there is a visualization of changes, one image replaces the paragraph with an explanation. A poster in the distance is an analogue of important obscurity. Vistavka “(Not) Zbroi Zbroi” - a part of mystic ammunition. Mykola Goncharov is a popular arsenal and nadal. The author calls her robots “short visual construction”. Bygone fate, Vistavka was a guest of Lviv at the College of the Ukrainian Catholic University. De: Odessa Historical and Museum of History, Vistavkova Hall, vul. Lanzheronivska, 24A, city of Odessa. Working days: Monday – Friday Godini Roboti: 10.00-17.00 Input: bezel-less. Partner: Odessa Historical and Cultural Museum, Department of Culture, Nationalities, Religion and Protection of Cultural Decline in Odessa Regional State Administrative Administration.

The poster of the event — (Un) replace the zbroi: display of the poster by Mikoli Goncharov in Museum "Steppe Ukraine"