The events in Odessa at 22 November 2020

Legends of Masonic Odessa

22 November 2020, 12:00
category: tour
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The excursion is devoted to a topic that has remained closed for a long time - the influence of the Masonic movement on the formation of the architectural appearance of Odessa, the culture and elite of our city. The whole of South Palmyra is the creation of free masons who built a European city among the steppes, filled with many symbols and secret meaning. Where is the sacred center of Odessa and how many parts does it divide the city, why are the streets so located, and here the white acacia? What is the meaning of the main symbol of Odessa - the Potemkin Stairs? What do the Masonic symbols mean on the building of the Philharmonic, on the Passage Hotel and on the facade of the former Novorossiysk University (ONU named after Mechnikov). "The unsolved myth of the city of the Sun" - this is how the Odessa historian Viktor Savchenko called his monograph. We offer you to plunge into this mysterious page in the history of the city of Odessa ... The excursion is conducted by local historian Tamara Pavlovna Bykhanova RECORD BY PHONE (MANDATORY !!!))): 063-17-11-844 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram), 063-625-21-98 or via the website: https: // ... Cost - 200 hryvnia per person. #Excursions inOdessa, #Legends of the Masonic Odesa, #MeetingsOdessa

The poster of the event — Legends of Masonic Odessa in Location