The events in Odessa at 24 November 2020

Hatha yoga

24 November 2020, 09:00
category: group training
place: Yoga Studio "Anahata" (LM rainbow, 16/1)

Practice yoga, maintain health and achieve new results. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have Hatha yoga classes with Irina Shilova at 9.00 We continue to publish the successes of the students of our yoga studio. Brahmachariasana (celibate pose) technique of execution: Sit on the floor. Stretch your legs forward. Place your palms on the floor next to your thighs, fingers pointing towards your feet. Place your hands on the floor and lift your body up. Legs should be straight and parallel to the floor. The body balances only on the arms.  Breathing: Breathe in from the starting position. As you lift your body up, hold your breath while inhaling. Returning to the starting position, exhale. Perform up to 3 body lifts, trying to stay in the final position as long as possible. Concentration: On the Manipura Chakra. The sequence of performance: After this asana, perform savasana or advasana.  Benefits of practice: This asana strengthens the organs and muscles of the abdominal cavity. Those who want to conserve sexual energy must master this asana perfectly. Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 Conducted by the coach - Irina Shilova Your #yogastudio_anahata 073-066-23-61 066-680-95-60

The poster of the event — Hatha yoga in Yoga Studio "Anahata"