The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

There are no other old people! or Help your neighbor!

28 November 2020, 12:00
category: charity
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Sweet November, or our action "There are no old people of other people" continues. Already on November 28, on Saturday, at 12:00 we plan to meet again at the entrance to the Odessa Regional Center for Mental Health on the street. Vorobyov 9 (not far from the 11th city hospital), stop Khlebzavod No. 3, Odessa. We will visit our wards - patients of geriatric departments (female and male), Nos. 16 and 18. We may not be allowed to enter the department itself due to quarantine, but we will be able to transfer the gift from hand to hand of nannies and nurses. What our grandparents need - as usual (see the list below). So, let's give the things we don't need a new life, and make the life of the old wards a little easier and make it more joyful. x Hospital CLOTHES (can be used): - T-shirts, T-shirts - sweaters, sweaters - bathrobes - pajamas - socks x FOOTWEAR for the room (can be used): - slippers - slippers x Bed linen (can be used) All clothes, shoes and bed linen should be clean and not torn, without holes - we respect ourselves, giving help. x DETERGENTS and HYGIENE products: - liquid soap - washing powder х PUMPERS for adults (maybe, who have left, even in an open package) x stainless steel tableware: - bowls - mugs - spoons x FOOD (soft, non-perishable) - soft fruits (apples, peaches) - buns - waffles - sweets, etc. - you can bake yourself if you wish)For those whose soul wants to help, but the body cannot be present, we have a magic card with a CHANGED NUMBER - exactly what is in this post (we will change it later on the page). This card is registered in my name Marinova Iryna Ivanivna. My tel. remained the same: +380971234959, as well as the second +380997522155 (call, I will tell you if you have questions). Each of our hryvnia in total will help! Remember the parable about the poor widow and her 2 mites? It is important that you do it from the heart! Ps Today we have received an amount of 500 hryvnyas on the account of the old people - Tatyana, thank you very much! We prepare, postpone and bring or hand over a gift in support of those who need us, we will delight the old people in the cold, dreary season. Minibuses that go to the meeting point: 214, 197, 198

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