The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Public Reading Ask Vasyl Stus

28 November 2020, 18:30
category: literary evening
place: The monument to Duke de Richelieu (Potemkin stairs)

Censorship is a word, like a black tinnyu krokuє, following the Ukrainian people, even though it’s not worth it, it doesn’t tell you to go for an hour in the independence of the sovereign state. The fence for the launch of the book by Vakhtang Kіpiani "On the Right of Vasyl Stus" behind the pershuchatkovy redaguvannyy gave the suspension of the proverzny blunder, suvoro developed a message about freedom of speech and thought. Odessity can’t become anxious at the hour of injustice, but I’m ready to continue right, for the yak Stus is fighting. Our place is to get to the reception of the "Vivat" view and Vakhtang Kіpiania in the fight for the establishment of the truth and in the right to win. Through the pandemic, the entry will be transferred to the online format. We’ll call it soon, it’s just about the freedom of speech in quarantine minds. Follow the updated page. Zakhid vidbuvatimetsya for pidtrimki Odesa vіdokrelenogo pіdrozdіlu VGO "Solidarly young". Memory does not zareshtush. I know Nicoli.

The poster of the event — Public Reading Ask Vasyl Stus in The monument to Duke de Richelieu