The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Working with non-speaking children with severe pathology

28 November 2020, 10:00
category: seminar/training
5500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

The seminar is conducted by Olga Kirichenko, the founder of the correctional center "Arina" and the only one from Ukraine who is studying with Novikova-Ivantsova live, and for a long time and for many years she has been launching speech in children through singing They sing to the speech therapist in the center "Arina" for a child and so that there was a result? Olga knows, because she works with tmi whom 90% of specialists "refuse". ⚡So, it is not possible to miss it. if you think that you know everything then this is a delusion. It is a great joy that Olga decided to share her experience and best practices that give results! The workshop is stored in 2 modules, the skin module is 3 days. The program is sponsored for the robot with the children of a child, since the pathology of the movement is important: • all forms of alalii • autism • ЗНР, ЗПМР • cerebral palsy ️ Program 1 module 1 day • Sensory integration and innovation, as well as special. Skladannya sensory profile of a child. • Ontogeny and developmental development. • Household development period. A robot with phonemic hearing. Development of auditory respect. • Vikoristannya in robots and tools APRAXIA TOOLS Bite brocks hierarchy. Theory and practice. • Robot with Vimova. • Robot with cards. Author's technique. • Practical part: demonstration and demonstration. 2 day • Ear of speech therapy robots with children: the formation of voices. Applied to the synopsis, practice with children. • Forming a warehouse. A practical robot. Folding the synopsis. • Formation of words. Folding synopsis, warehouses tables. A practical robot.• Method "DO" - quick development of new children. • Practical part. Rozdatkovy material: a simulator for developing phonemic hearing, taking notes from musicians (methodical recommendations, texts, cards). ️Program 2 to module 1 day • Vikoristannya test Degangi berk test of sensory integration for children of 3-5 years. • Formation of warehouse structure according to the systems of A.K. Markovoi (14 types). • A robot with rhythms. See rhythms, stages of robots. • Robot in warehouses and words. Practice (1-5 classes). Folding the synopsis. 2 day • Formation of phrasal movement (models according to V.I. Balaev). Robotic ear. Practice. Rozdatkovy material: forms for the Degangi berk test, methodical materials 1-5 class of warehouse structure, butt to a synopsis, methodical materials 1-5 models of phrasal change. place: Slavyanskaya street 33 a, Tairova, district 411 battery. Center for the Development of a Special Child "Our Light". Hall 9. cost: 5500 UAH You should have warm socks, a mug for coffee / tea ... everything else will be full organizer: 0939249954 Yulia Stanimak

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