The events in Odessa at 27 November 2020

Photo exhibition "Canistherapy in the frame"

27 November 2020, 16:00
category: exhibition
place: Children's rehabilitation center. B. Litvaka (st. Pushkinskaya, 51)

The exhibition everyone was waiting for! Photo exhibition "Canistherapy in the frame" from the NGO "Fund" Osobliva young " November 27 at 16.00 in the gallery "Golden Angel" in the Children's Rehabilitation Center. B. Litvak, st. Pushkinskaya, 51 will open the photo exhibition "Kanistherapy in the frame." This project was conceived and implemented by parents of 18+ young people with mental disabilities in order to make their children a little happier, give them the opportunity to open up, overcome fears and believe in themselves. And to show society how these young people are beautiful. How communication with them can change the life of any person and fill it with interesting moments. Canistherapy is a type of therapy with animals, a method of treatment and rehabilitation using specially selected and trained dogs. Animals have a positive effect on people with mental health problems. This is the essence of therapy, thanks to which patients open up, overcoming themselves. Thus, combining canistherapy, the art of photography and the desire to help your children, the photo project "Canistherapy in the frame" was born.The selection of images, costumes, training of dogs, departure to locations took place with the participation of children. The shooting was carried out at dawn in the form of a game or a mini-performance, so that it was more comfortable and fun for the children to interact with the dogs, gaining new emotions and becoming happy. The effect lasted longer when the models saw themselves in the photo. Looking at them, over and over again, the guys relived the pleasant moments of filming. It is in order to prolong this effect and share positive emotions with you that this exhibition was conceived. In addition to photographs, the exhibition will feature New Year's decorations made by the hands of children, sweet treats, and concert performances of our guests. The author of the idea is Nonna Kristat, work with images - Oksana Saliy, dog training - Valentin Saliy, photographer - Angela Nadezhda. The exhibition will run until December 15. Contact phone: +380986261494, Angela.

The poster of the event — Photo exhibition "Canistherapy in the frame" in Children's rehabilitation center. B. Litvaka