The events in Odessa at 27 November 2020

XXIV regional festival of the Ukrainian book in memory of Mikhail Hrushevsky

27 November 2020, 11:30
category: festival
place: Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky (St. Trinity, 49/51)

Shanovny friends! I would like to ask for the XXIV regional festival of the Ukrainian books in memory of Mikhail Hrushevsky "POEZIA - THE CHOICE OF FOLLOWING THE NON-REPEAT, YAKYS A DEATHLESS DOTTOM TO THE SOUL" ☑ 26 leaves, 10.00 - 15.00 ➡10.00-10.30. Urochiste vіdkrittya. Online-entertainment bibliotekarіv region Department of Culture, Nationalities, Religiy and Protection of Cultural Decline; libraries of the region ➡10.30-11.00. Musical Year "Ukrainian Poetry in Music" Ensemble "Dzherelo" KZ "Odessa Fakhovy College of Artists imene K.F. Dankevich " ➡11.00-11.45. "Terrible words, if the stench is moving": Evolution of the Ukrainian Poetry in Virshah Spodarets Volodymyr Ivanovich, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Philology and Methods for the Development of Fakh Disciplines of the Pivdennoukrainian National Pedagogical University. K. D. Ushinsky ➡11.45-12.15. "Odessa word": create poetry by the authors of the Odessa region Dmitriyev Sergiy Viktorovich, associate professor of the department of foreign language and words of language of the Odessa National University of Name I. І. Mechnikov; head of the Odessa regional organization of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine ➡12.15-12.30. “Trains is a word! The train is a song! The train is a great soul! " Presentation of the book show ➡12.30-13.00. “And everything on the light of the need to survive. І skin finish - tse, by day, start ". Presentation of the booklet and booklet before the 90th day of Linya Kostenko ➡13.30-14.15. "Go up to the sea": Odessa of the first Ukrainian forest (up to 150 Ukrainian forest) Dem'yanishina Larisa, graphic designer➡14.15-15.00. Presentation of the book by Pyotr Nesterenok "Shevchenko in Ekslibris: 1917-2017": until the 180th anniversary of the first poetical collection of T.G. Shevchenko "Kobzar". Mystetsky look Tokarchuk Tetyana, Senior Scientist of the Odessa Art Museum ☑ 27 leaves, 11.30 - 16.00 ➡11.30-12.00. “And a song is a soul. From every need - demand. " Musical mosaic of works of Ukrainian composers Students of the vocal education of the Odessa National Musical Academy im. A.V. Nezhdanovo (class of professor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Nadiya Fedorivny Milichenkova): Dar'ya Kharchenko (2nd year), Olena Kravchenko (2nd year), Zhivetova Tetyana (4th year). Concertmaster Olga Zozulya ➡12.00-13.00. "Visit the Hrushevsky." Teatralna Vital'nya Artists of the Odessa Academic Music and Drama Theater named V. Vasilka ➡13.00-14.00. "Pisni Churaivni": up to 90 years of Linya Kostenko. The year is poetic Diana Mala, People's Artist of Ukraine, actor of the Odessa Academic Musical and Drama Theater named V. Vasilka ➡14.30-15.30. "Poetic Microphone". Author's create by students and viclades of the poetry club "Literary Garden" Biryukova Tetyana Ivanivna, Candidate of Science from Social Communities, Associate Professor of the Odessa National Polytechnic University ➡15.30-16.00. "Philosophy of movement and freedom: poetical biography": up to 70 years of Boris Kherson. Look around the vidan writer ➡16.00. Zakritta to the festival. Pid bags. It will be seen from the same anti-epidemic visits‼

The poster of the event — XXIV regional festival of the Ukrainian book in memory of Mikhail Hrushevsky in Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky