The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Secret Hitler

28 November 2020, 18:00
category: the game
from 80 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

 The 30s of the twentieth century in Germany were marked by the coming to power of the National Socialist Party headed by Adolf Hitler. What this led to - everyone knows. What if history had taken a different path?   Secret Hitler is a popular board game in which players have to lead their party to the government in the Bundestag. To achieve the goal, you can use the most nasty methods: bluff, deception and cunning are welcome.   The game is based on the well-known "Mafia". Not everyone sees the roles of their fellows, which is why it is difficult to predict who has become a rival. In a board game, you will suspect, calculate and use deduction. We'll have to smash our brains pretty much to understand who came to the government and whether it was worth voting for him! 28.11. Saturday, 18:00 Cost - 80 Participants - 10 ✏️ REGISTRATION ( ) Everyone who loves the Mafia but wants to try something interesting is welcome. As well as newcomers who want to get acquainted with such a game format  Where? Club Planet Games, st. Sadovaya, 9

The poster of the event — Secret Hitler in Location