The events in Odessa at 17 January 2021

Yoga nidra

17 January 2021, 18:30
category: group training
250 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

YOGA-NIDRA meditation practice Yoga Nidra is yoga of mental sleep. This is a method of relaxation by creating a one-pointed mind. 律‍♀️ Yoga Nidra is one of the most powerful methods not only for the formation of deep relaxation in a minimum amount of time, but also for the renewal of damaged brain cells. One hour of yoga nidra is equal to four hours of regular sleep. PURPOSE OF THE MEDITATION Achieving the borderline state between sleep and wakefulness is the main goal of yoga nidra meditation.  SUITABLE FOR The practice of yoga nidra is useful for you if you are passive, your interest in life has faded, you do not have enough strength to create and implement plans, you are physically and mentally exhausted. Yoga Nidra is capable of rejuvenating and rebooting the body at all levels. personality pects. The practice of yoga nidra is indicated for those who are in a spiritual search and want to realize in themselves greater awareness and purity.  WHAT GIVES During the practice, negative and painful experiences, unfulfilled desires come out of the subconscious, tensions in the body go away and a large amount of energy is released. Who conducts Yoga teacher in the Natha Tradition - Nirmalanath (Natalia Podolskaya), student of Somnath ✨As a result of practice, a person gets: ✅ complete emotional relaxation; ✅ a stable state of mind; ✅ rapid restoration of energy balance; ✅ Reduces stress levels; ✅ consolidation of positive attitudes in the subconscious;✅activation of self-healing processes. HOW IS THE PRACTICE In yoga nidra, you lie in shavasana, remaining in a state of awareness throughout the practice and trying to follow all the instructions of the leader.  The lesson is designed for any age and background.  Cost - 250 UAH ☝️ There is a possibility of online participation. Record for 100% prepayment to the PrivatBank card 5168 7554 3606 3305 (Koval Victoria).  Tel./viber: 0971587354 律‍♀️ Where: yoga studio "Lotos", Arkadievsky per. 9/1. ☝️Details:

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