The events in Odessa at 19 January 2021

Morning psychotherapeutic group "Man to Man"

19 January 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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The psychotherapeutic group "Man to Man ..." is a mini-model of life, where you can see how your relationships with others are arranged - partners, parents, children, colleagues and friends. Here you will understand why you are uncomfortable with other people and, with the help of two experienced psychotherapists, you will learn to build relationships in the family and society so as to be satisfied with your life. In the process of meetings, you will find yourself in the circle of those who, just like you, face similar difficulties and solve them in their own way, which will create a favorable atmosphere, help you understand yourself and find the strength for change. Every week for nine months, you will have an emotionally safe space to experiment in relationships. Here you can not only clearly see what exactly prevents you from building contact with loved ones and not so people in everyday life, but you can also try to change habits, abandon old and unnecessary ones, and find new ones that help to live. For example, notice that we are not as awful as we ourselves may seem. And that the people around us can turn from "monsters" into sensitive and attentive. If you:  Have difficulty building, maintaining, and breaking up relationships.  Feel emotional discomfort in response to the actions of those around you. -  Over and over again step on the same "rake" in a relationship  Facing tensions in relationships with people who are important to you@Oleg Bobrovsky and @Ludmila Marchenko are ready to help you on the path to change st.Tenista 2a

The poster of the event — Morning psychotherapeutic group "Man to Man" in Location