The events in Odessa at 18 January 2021

Psychotherapeutic groups from Caritas Odesa UGCC

18 January 2021, 18:00
category: online
place: Charitable Foundation "Caritas Odesa UGCC" / Caritas Odesa UGCC (Yuzhnaya str., 40A)

Rispochati rik turbotoy about yourself! The psychotherapeutic group is the whole spirit of the robot of young people, who can think of a spirit of interdisciplinary development, special development and self-development. The group is not a safe place, it is possible to reject the picture, talk about your problems, your shortcomings, experiences without condemnation and criticism of the participants. Є Mісce і for a positive message to the participants. Effort to give one to one garish ringing bell, which will help you to change your behavior strategy, to grace the stosunki. The group is a great mischief, people help one to think about themselves, about their respect and bazhanya. What topics can you choose? - problems in the stosunka; - emoji vigorannya; - psychosomatic problems; - fears, anxieties, panic attacks; - Conflict on robots; - experiencing a vicious or situational crisis and in. The group will be practized 1 time per 2 days, on Mondays from 18:00. You can reverse the date. Persha group: 18.01, 1.02, 15.02, 1.03, 18.03, 29.03, 12.04. Friend group: 01.25, 02.8, 02.22, 03.8, 03.22, 04.5, 04.19. Number of months: 10-12 items. From the third occupation, the group should be closed for the recruitment of new participants. Also, as a result, I will take people away from this group: - tips for a respectful hearing for yourself and others; - understanding yourself, motives of your behavior; - tips for the great turn of your senses, emots, thoughts; - the reason for that, yak past dosvid pouring into the season;- tips for spilkuvannya, vmіnnya vibudovuvati vіdnosini zі svіtom; - control over oneself, the state of being changeable and rich. If? 18 and 25 sichnya Fate bezkoshtovna for the forefront restoration. Contact phone: 050 337 00 75 #sm_tsnennya_social_gurtovanosti * Required

The poster of the event — Psychotherapeutic groups from Caritas Odesa UGCC in Charitable Foundation "Caritas Odesa UGCC" / Caritas Odesa UGCC