The events in Odessa at 18 January 2021

Sightseeing + Courtyards

18 January 2021, 14:00
category: tour
200 UAH
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... You can't help but love such a beautiful city. Odessa is a must see. Odessa must be heard. You have to talk to Odessa personally ... How important is the first impression in a new place! It depends on this whether the acquaintance will continue further and develop into friendship or, disappointed, you leave with the thought that you have not understood what is so special about this city by the sea. You have to get to know Odessa personally. Therefore, discard your stereotypes about the classic sightseeing tour and take a walk, as they say in our Odessa, number 11 (translated into ordinary language - on foot). Even if this is not your first visit to Odessa. And we will try to captivate, surprise and infect you with Odessa. And when you get infected, you will remember at home and return to Odessa through cinema, literature or just good photos taken during the excursion - because the pedestrian format contributes to this. RECORD BY PHONE (MANDATORY !!!))): 066-835-97-17, 063-17-11-844 (Viber, Telegram), 063-625-21-98 The cost is 200 hryvnia per person. #excursions in Odessa, #Odessa, #Yards, #MeetingsOdessa

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