The events in Odessa at 15 January 2021

Body Blade Massage. IASTM body shaping

15 January 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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We invite you to study the exclusive effective technique of body shaping 헕헼 헱혆 헕 헹헮 헱헲 헠 헮혀 혀헮 헴헲 헕헢 헗헬 헕 헟헔 헗험 헠 헮혀 혀헮 헴헲 - the technique is developed on the principle of 헜 헔헦 헧헠 - therapy (Instrumental mobilization of soft tissues). ☝️The effectiveness of the technique is based on the effect of connective tissue remodeling. ⠀ 헕헼 헱혆 헕 헹헮 헱헲 헠 헮혀 혀헮 헴헲 is an easy-to-learn and practical technique that allows the therapist to get the most pronounced result with minimal physical exertion. ⠀ Results from the course 헕헼 헱혆 헕 헹헮 헱헲 헠 헮혀 혀헮 헴헲: ⠀ • The skin is smoothed and becomes elastic, tightened, looks younger, healthier and denser • As a result of powerful tissue drainage, body swelling decreases, the feeling of fatigue decreases • Reduces the appearance of “orange peel” • Buttocks, belly, etc. are tightened. • Scar tissue from scars is smoothed, stretch marks are reduced. • The volume of the body decreases ⠀ 헕헼 헱혆 헕 헹헮 헱헲 헠 헮혀 혀헮 헴헲 is effective for solving the following problems: • Cellulite, "orange peel" • Swelling of the body, legs, abdomen, neck • "withers" • Flabbiness of the abdominal skin (tightening, lifting) • "laxity" of the skin on the hands • Excess volume, looseness and "laxity" of the skin of the inner thigh • "hanging" of the skin on the knees after losing weight and active anti-cellulite massages • Zone "breeches" of the outer side of the thigh • Remove the “wings” under your hands • Improve the tone of the bust, reduce ptosis • Work with scars, scars, stretch marks, stretch marks. ⠀☝️ During the training, we will consider: ⠀ Theoretical part.  Connective tissue.  Deformation of connective tissue. Causes of fibrosis. Mechanism of the Body Blade massage. Main "problem" areas and methods of exposure.  Indications and contraindications for massage. ⠀ Practical part.  Working with the front surface of the body. Work with the back surface. Work with side surfaces. During the training, individual sets of tools will be provided, which can, if desired, be purchased on site. ⠀ Upon completion, a certificate will be issued. Tuition fee: 3000 UAH (1 day, 8 hours) Time: January 15, 2021 Odessa Teacher: Alexander Nikolaychuk (Kiev) Details and recording:  +38 (063) 7331956

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