The events in Odessa at 14 January 2021

Acroyoga. From simple to complex

14 January 2021, 09:00
category: master class
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Acro Yoga is a holistic practice. It contains elements of yoga, acrobatics, team-building exercises, and relaxation in the form of games and massage. Also, acro yoga is a more dynamic practice than traditional hatha yoga. Our master class is designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Come today with or without a couple. Take a rug and some water with you. Do not be late. It is better to arrive early and calmly engage in the practice. The cost of the lesson is 250 UAH. Contact phone 0687203481. Dmitry Gorkavenko is the leading trainer of Odessa in acroyoga and acrobalance, including children's acroyoga. Founder of Odessa AcroFamily. I have been doing acroyoga and giving master classes for over four years. Regular trainings in Odessa have been conducted by me since September 2016. My teachers were Taisiya Melnik, Sergey Khlebnikov, Gala Sara, Yuri Shkilev, Vladimir Chekh, Andrey Kolodeev, Yaniv Cohen. Permanent participant of KievAcroFest, teecher at KievAcroFest 3.0 In the summer of 2017-2019, he actively collaborated with the children's camp "Typhoon" Odessa / Gribovka, where acroyoga training was held for more than 120 children from 6 to 16 years old. I conduct regular classes in Odessa, popularize acroyoga, actively cooperate with akroyogas of Ukraine. For me, acroyoga is about trust, environmental friendliness and endless care for each other. Another way to communicate. Delight with new opportunities. The joy of overcoming human weakness and peaceful meditation with each other. Exploring yourself and exploring the world around you.A new feeling of each other gives rise to care, trust, transfers the relationship to a higher level. And tracking your own reactions allows you to reveal the true motives of behavior, to reveal inner clamps, and gives food for working on yourself. Where? Lyustdorfska doroga, 140/1 Tel .: 0687203481

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