The events in Odessa at 01 February 2021

"Shoulders and neck. Movement without pain" cycle of lessons on Somatic

01 February 2021, 18:30
category: the courses
place: SPORTIVNO-OZDOROVITEL'nyy Tsentr "Somaplus" (lane Onilovoy, 18; sq 1 (2nd floor))

Shoulders, neck, eyes, as a rule, are tense at the same time. And only if the tension in one of these parts of the body is greater than the rest, you get the impression that only one thing is tense. What causes the tension that leads to discomfort and even pain? The reasons may be different, it all depends on the individual person - his work, habits, character, lifestyle, posture, sport and others. For example, while working on a computer, there are at least two obvious causes of neck and back pain. A flat screen disturbs eye focus. Stopping the gaze creates tension throughout the body. The neck, shoulders and lower back are especially affected. This leads to suppression of full breathing and poor posture in general. Poor posture only increases the strain on the upper body. An asymmetrical position during work, with the focus of attention simultaneously directed to the same point, creates the same effect. Excessive sports loads, tears of muscle fibers in the neck and shoulder girdle, also contribute to discomfort and pain. Troubles, worries - anything that affects changes in the normal breathing rhythm, stops mobility and creates tension in the neck, eyes and shoulders. Creates headaches.The sources of enslavement of the upper body are different, but the structure of the interaction of the musculoskeletal system remains the same for everyone. The basic principle of the balance of mobility and psychological state is the well-oiled simultaneous action of the entire musculoskeletal structure from the feet to the crown of the head, and in any position relative to gravity. Feldenkrais somatic exercises are aimed at teaching the body to independently get rid of clamps, enslavement and chronic pain in the body. You and I will do exercises that will relax your trigger points. This new experience is about feeling your pattern and the way out of it. A skill is created in the body how to independently get out of muscle enslavement or emotional experience. It's about self-healing of motor functions and development. In the future, you can independently regulate your internal processes through awareness. Such experience gives confidence that lightness in the body is controllable and that it will always be there. “Shoulders and neck. Movement without pain ”cycle of lessons on Somatic Education. The beginning of the training cycle from February 1, duration 1 month Cost 670 UAH (8 lessons per cycle) Registration link: Trainings take place twice a week evenings (18:30 Monday and Friday). Anyone with experience of somatic education for at least 5 hours can participate in the practice.If you would like to learn more about the actions and movements based on awareness, how it works, follow the link to our website.

The poster of the event — "Shoulders and neck. Movement without pain" cycle of lessons on Somatic in SPORTIVNO-OZDOROVITEL'nyy Tsentr "Somaplus"