The events in Odessa at 27 February 2021

Prem'ura "Luskunchik"

27 February 2021, 18:30
category: play
from 50 to 650 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

Petro Tchaikovsky Ballet-fairy on two stages with a prologue Triviality of vistavi with intermission: 2 years Libreto by Marius Petipa edited by People's Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Bondur for motives of Ernst Hoffmann's Kazka "Luskunchik and Mishachiy King" Vistavi vikoristano has fragments of choreography by Vasil VainonenSvitova premiere - Maryinsky Theater of St. Petersburg, 6th breast (18th breast per day) 1892 Rock Perha staged at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater - 1950 Rik Petro Illich Tchaikovsky is rightfully enthralled as a great reformer of ballet music. Itself was brought into the classical interpretation of the ballet a new dynamism, the most sophisticated development of musical themes and images. The artistic principle knew their own way of imagining at the development of the theater "Luskunchik", written by the deputy director of the Imperial theaters Ivan Vsevolozhsky. The libretto for the Bula performance is based on the story of Ernst Hoffman "Luskunchik and the Bear King" (from the cycle "Serapionov Brothers") by Oleksandr Dumas-Batko. The plot of the ballet was written by Ivan Vsevolozhsky, and the author of the programs and choreography was Marius Petipa. A collection of wines from "Luskunchik" is not worthy of Tchaikovsky. Of greater interest, the libretto of the opera "Iolanta" was proponated parallel to it (offense to create - a two-act ballet and a one-act opera - it was supposed to be staged in one evening). Ale step by step Petro Illich was bursting with a new ballet. The music of "Luskunchik" sounded for the first time on the 7th birch tree of 1892 rock at one of the Petersburg symphony concerts of the Russian Musical Society (RMO). For the svidchennya of the brother of the composer, Modest Illich, “the great success of the new creation. Three six issues of the story, five boules of repetitions per one-story vimoga of the publication. " As soon as it was broadcast, the premiere was seen in one evening with "Iolantoy" - the 6th day of 1892 at the Maryinsky Theater of St. Petersburg. The parties of Fritsa and Clary (Masha) were victorious over the vicinities of the Imperial Theater School, as mali were allowed to pass through the rik. The director of "Luskunchik" was Buv Lev Ivanov, who is already on the cob of robots over the play replacing Marius Petip, who is importantly ill. The decoration of the first stage was created by Kostyantin Ivanov, the other - by the academician of painting Mikhailo Bocharov. The costumes were prepared for Ivan Vsevolozhsky's designs. In the repertoire of Odeskiy, the Luskunchik opera and ballet theater first appeared in 1950 in a choreographic reading by Vakhtang Vronsky. Former choreographers Igor Chernishov (1969), Natalya Rizhenko (1985), Volodymyr Troshcheno (2008) have proclaimed their original version of the ballet, which is shown in the middle of the day Shlyakh choreographers to the rose of the music "Luskunchik" appeared dovgim. The score of the whole ballet will become emotionally addictive and for the ballet theater of the XXI century.Members of the production group DIRIGENT-REGULATOR: V'yacheslav Chernukho-Volich CHOREOGRAPHER: People's Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Bondur ARTIST-SCENOGRAPHER: Honored Artist of Ukraine Evgen Gurenko ARTIST Z COSTUME: Sergiy Vasil'ev CHILDREN'S CHOIR "PERLINI ODESI": artist Kerivnik Larisa Garbuz ELEVATIVE ENSEMBLE OF CLASSIC DANCE "FUETE" DTSH №4 M. ODESI: art artists Marina Kozyar, Hanna Pogoretska

The poster of the event — Prem'ura "Luskunchik" in The Opera and ballet theatre