The events in Odessa at 24 February 2021

Piano. Music by composers Hans Zimmer & Yann Tiersen

24 February 2021, 19:00
category: concert
from 420 to 700 UAH
place: Philharmonic (Bunina str., 15)

Number of glances in the warehouse in total 50% of the number of sitting rooms; The skin guest will be prompted at the entrance: mask; sealed mittens; antiseptic. Please enter / exit for all our guests. And now, let me tell you about those who check for you in the whole evening: Piano. Music by composers Ludovico Einaudi & Yann Tiersen The whole evening of beautiful grand piano music, de sounding compositions of beautiful composers to the light. You will have a meal in a place, analogous to what is not in Bilorus - the name of the light and music will simply bring you into reality. Tse is not just a concert. Tse atmosphere. Tsey camp of spiritual calm and at the same hour we are ready. Tsey stan moral satisfaction of soul. Tsereba pachiti and see once. Immerse yourself in the music and the emotional sounds of the grand piano, Mabut, the most famous composer in the world, the genia of emotional emoticons - Hans Zimmer. At the concert, you will hear compositions from the films "Interstellar", "Cob", "Race", "Dark Face", "The Lion King", as well as the name of Yann Tiersen, who will sink into the soul of the skin! You can enjoy the emotional sounds of the grand piano, take a walk in the most atmospheric music of Odessa, shoot richly beautiful photographs and enjoy the atmosphere! The enemy will become warm, and the emots - alive! At the piano - soloist of the Bilorussian orchestra "CLASSIC ENERGY" Alisa Vutrova

The poster of the event — Piano. Music by composers Hans Zimmer & Yann Tiersen in Philharmonic