The events in Odessa at 25 February 2021

Webinar. The basics of mindfulness practice

25 February 2021, 19:30
category: online
place: The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot" (Nechipurenko pereulok, 4 (floor 7))

Circumstances develop in such a way that living from the state of "here and now" is the only possible and correct decision. And if earlier we heard endless calls to be aware, now it is impossible to do otherwise. Mindfulness is like a basic multiplication table. It needs to be learned, and then the subsequent equations will become available. At the Mindspot lecture "The Basics of Mindfulness Practice" we will discuss the following questions: - What is awareness? Why is it taught to children in 370 schools in the UK? How does mindfulness practice affect the brain? What does science say? - How can you measure and observe brain changes during practice? - How does practice help to cope with stress and emotional exhaustion? - How to go from theory to practice? How to put your life into mindfulness mode? ✅ More / registration: http: // ...

The poster of the event — Webinar. The basics of mindfulness practice in The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot"