The events in Odessa at 28 February 2021

A place of my childhood / City of my childhood

28 February 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

This is a performance about Odessa and Odessa residents and ... about love. The story of our hometown, the memories of the old Odessa house, once inhabited by a friendly, never discouraging “team”, where all the neighbors lived, like one big family, where they grew up and grew old, fell in love and raised children, came from the pen of our fellow countrymen George Golubenko, Leonid Suschenko and Valery Hait.      The musical comedy created on this play to the music of Oscar Feltsman and poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky in the 80s bypassed the scenes of almost all the musical theaters of the Soviet Union, went abroad.      Now this kind, touching, humane play has found a new life on the stage of Odessa Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater named after In Vasilko. ----- Authors: G. Golubenko, L. Suschenko, V. Khait Stage Director: People's Artist of Ukraine Igor Ravitsky Scenography and costumes: Oleksandr Gorenstein Choreographer: Pavlo Ivlyushkin Trivial: 2 year. 20 hv. (with intermission)       It seems that Odesa is not heaven, but Paradise.       Inshi it seems that Odesa is a reference and a bewitching oasis at the empty Cosmos.       Well, well - samі odesiti? And the stink just lives here. I, soundly, laugh, if you can smell the dandy bag for yourself ...But how do you live to stink, what do you live to, how much do you breathe? About the whole thing, seemingly wet, and that’s all, the three talents and young people of Odessa were counted - George Golubenko, Leonid Sushchenko and Valery Hait. I named Ії “Old houses”. I put whistava for her, de heading the role of having the legendary Mikhailo Vodyanoy, bypassing her. Wow, the memory was a bug! That one fell to heart so much, and through a little ten years later in our theater, having put Igor Ravitsky to the city of vistava, I sounded very well with the new name “My land of plenty” - in a new way, it’s been very untouched for me to be here very long, our chornomorsk pearl.       Also, Odessa residents to create on stage our love for you and Odessa. Wait a minute, marvel at that aftertaste!

The poster of the event — A place of my childhood / City of my childhood in Ukrainian theater