The events in Odessa at 28 February 2021

City of Dreams: Full Immersion Performance

28 February 2021, 13:00
category: play
place: Jazz club "Perron №7" (Malaya Arnautskaya St., 56)

City of Dreams: Full Immersion Performance Find your way home from the most realistic dream. You will be immersed in an immersive theater, where there is no border between the stage and the auditorium, and the stage itself will be more than 300 square meters and three floors open for exploration. Do you know the state when you just woke up, and the events of dream and reality are still mixed in your head? When you cannot understand what you dreamed, and what actually happened? This is exactly what you will experience when you visit the world of the City of Dreams. 6 hours of life in another reality. You will have access to a whole world to explore and play. More than 300 square meters on three floors that literally tell a story - abandoned diaries, heroes' personal belongings, scraps of memories and illusions so similar to reality. Freedom of action and choice. Characters with whom you can play as you please ... Developed and deep story that you literally can "read", plunging into the fate of the main characters, comprehending their victories and defeats. And there will also be a secret that you have to uncover. A crime has occurred in the City of Dreams and only you can unravel it. You will have to work as a team and weave conspiracies, conduct interrogations and study the history of the world, trying to get to the bottom of it.

The poster of the event — City of Dreams: Full Immersion Performance in Jazz club "Perron №7"