The events in Odessa at 01 March 2021

OSHO Meditation Therapy / Mind Body Conversation

01 March 2021, 09:00
category: seminar/training
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On March 1-7 in Odessa, the OSHO meditation therapy "Reminding oneself of the Forgotten Language, Conversation with the Body-Mind" will take place. This method was created by meditation master Osho. 7 days, 1 hour a day. We will learn to contact our body. We will be creating a new mindset for healing. Using hypnosis, you first reconnect with your body-mind, make friends with it. You will then begin the healing process by talking to your unconscious in a state of deep relaxation. This method can be used for weight control, for migraines, working with bad habits, any painful sensations in the body, for everything that happens in the body or mind that goes beyond the natural balance. “The body is the visible soul, and the soul is the invisible body. Body and soul are inseparable, they are part of a single whole. You must accept the body, you must love the body, you must respect the body, you must be grateful to the body. Start by feeling surprised at your own body, as it is closest to you. Nature itself has approached you, God himself has entered you through this body. Your body represents all existence, all elements are represented in it. And you see that a miracle happens every day. From the mud a lotus is born ... and from the dust our beautiful body is born. " Osho Conducted by RANI - coordinator of the Odessa OSHO center, certified OSHO therapist. Conducts OSHO Active Meditations, Mindfulness Intensives (Who's Inside? SATORI), Self-Investigation Practices, OSHO Meditation Therapy "Talking to the Body with the Mind", Spontaneous Creativity, Japanese Kobido Facial Massage and Systemic Psychophysiological Rehabilitation. A few words from the host: "This course is not a panacea for all" diseases ", although this is its meaning and potential. Most of it depends on the participant himself, on sincerity and desire to understand the nature of his symptom and heal it. Perhaps this method will be your first step on the path of healing, you will gain a deep connection with your body, learn to recognize its messages. For some, this will become a real opportunity for healing, while others will find a unique tool for everyday life. My voice will guide you in communicating with your body and mind, but each participant will have their own unique experience. All in your hands!" ️Course takes place in the morning from 9 to 10.00 ️Participation: on prepayment until February 25 - 40 euros After February 25 - 50 euros ️For those who were previously on the process -30% discount ️ If in the process the need arises, each participant will have the opportunity to receive 1 individual session as a Gift! ️ The number of places is limited registration is required! ️Venue: to be confirmed +380937361966, +380995512057

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