The events in Odessa at 28 February 2021

Distant pictures. Vistavka Igor Gusev at WEartMuseum

28 February 2021, 11:00
category: exhibition
40 UAH
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

Light changes. We are called upon to see the distance between ourselves: the "profit", the projects became vicious in everyday life, the artists conceive in the mainstays, and the boundaries between digital and live are all more intelligent. The theory of V. Benyamina as a result of the creation of a mystery - is more and more involved in life. Igor Gus вv vvazha щ, but this year's artist is not obliged to shukati individualnu mov. A wicked mask on the face of robbing all is equally unrecognizable, and also indivisible on the other. Є only self-reliance: doba, it has come - it has died і startє let the pendulum know its way into the bik of postmodernism. The artist Igor Gusev sees with his actions on the streets and in unsupported scenes, his "art-raiding" is inspired by the situational jokes of aura speeches, artifacts and art works. Ale for robots in museums in the new strategy. In the fierce one, in # Ragtime2.0 - pіdzemellі to the Museum of the Western and Shіdny Mystetstva, Gusev will show the project "Remote Pictures", which was continued in the show "Transmuseum", which was seen in the parade halls of the Art Museum. Tsi to project represent the idea of ​​a metamuseum - a special vimir of space at that hour, in any subject of mystery, there are no interconnections, Gusєv looks at tvir mystery, as a form of a special cultural enchantment, as it is in the wilderness in the context of the winter.In the new project, there is a glimpse of the images of the kind of European creatures in a deshchally transformed view: Guys through the same music, poetry, and images, inheriting the mystery practice of synesthesia - a mix of the powers of the generation of one kind of creator. It is a subject, an artist, in the world of "golden dob" before-modernity, vikoristovuchi at the same time classic postmodern instrument - a quote and defragmentation. For їkh help, the artist will show the lack of naturalness, the basic camp of the people - I will become freedom; to bring the intelligence about the ability of one people. However, now I am allowed to do so. Yak іlusіonist, Gusєv svoryu phantom, rozіgruє іstorіyu mystery, transforming її into a singing narrative, but to adhere to unrecognized rules: the composition is motivated syntactically - it’s won’t be harmonized as a result of individual pauses, but not fundamentally. In the project "Remote Pisnі", there is no way of a glitchy glitch, which is a check from Gusev. At all times, it is glitch to go beyond the border of visual and decorative possibilities, change in brightness is not the style of visuality, but the fabric of the image itself, its space. The reality of Gusev's creations, as the head, is plastic that naughty, but now I will describe the hour of that life, showing the vastness of the living European creations of mystery in the minds of the custom-made rules of social distance. ❗️Vistavka vidkrit 20 fierce from 12:00  Vistavka trivatime from 20 fierce to 20 birch 2021 ⌛️Z 11:00 to 17:00 Schodenno (okrіm middle) Vitok 40 UAH  #WEartMuseum Pushkinskaya, 9

The poster of the event — Distant pictures. Vistavka Igor Gusev at WEartMuseum in Museum of Western and Oriental art