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Psychodynamics - 1. Practical Psychosomatics

26 February 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation (St. Trinity, 38, clinic 5, KAB.19)

Author's Seminar Yuri Isachenko! PSYCHODYNAMICS-1. "What is our body talking about or talking to the body." Our body is like a book that you can read if you know what to pay attention to. In this seminar we will touch upon some of the secrets of the human soul and body. Looking at a person we will be able to read him, as well as his relatives, like a book and talk about the relationship between loved ones. This seminar will allow you to look at many situations in a different way and you will be able to correct family relationships and help your friends and acquaintances do it. The seminar will be of interest to both psychologists and bodily practitioners, as well as heads of companies and heads of the personnel department, and of course those who want to understand themselves. If you are ready to change, welcome to the seminar !!! Psychodynamics allows you to achieve good results in changing your attitude to negative factors and conflict situations in life, to improve relationships at work and in the family, to revise and work out a personal history from the past, to work out the so-called generic ties - ties between family members and even generations of the same kind. The treatment of such complex physical and mental problems becomes possible due to the fact that psychodynamic techniques work exactly at the level where the problem arose, i.e. After going through psychodynamic practices, people change their whole life, and this happens as a reaction to a change in consciousness and attitude towards the world of the person himself.People who have undergone such treatment talk about the appearance of lightness, an influx of fresh energy, a desire for activity and creativity, and the release of additional resources. Here are some examples of important techniques used in the psychodynamic approach. 1. Working off the "umbilical cord" This technique allows you to work out the influence on a person's life of his parents, ancestors and other relatives. After carrying out this technique, a person has freedom of choice, he is no longer limited by experience of a kind, he suddenly has additional powers. His relations with relatives are improving. 2. Change of situational series, correction of the "life line" This technique makes it possible, as it were, to relive the most difficult situations of life. Time cannot be turned back, but the error can be corrected. This technique is needed in order to stop wasting vitality on the past. 3. "Print" These are egregorial and archetypal connections that make a person live and act according to certain imposed programs. 4. Energy information defeats At the household level, they are called: evil eye, damage, curse, sharing. In fact, there are several dozen types of energy-informational lesions. 5. Global dysfunctions Global dysfunctions determine our fit into society, energy, posture, a barrier or stagnation in business, a set of certain diseases.At HD # 2 in 80% of cases there will be infertility, and at HD # 3 there will be headaches, at HD # 1 there is a "thought mixer" in the head, at HD # 4 there will be complete stagnation in life, which can last for decades, etc. If we change Globalka and force it to change on its own, diseases that did not respond to other therapy will leave us, the environment, behavior (a person becomes calmer), abilities, intentions, values, beliefs, identity, mission, meaning will change. Within a month after using psychodynamic practices, great changes occur in a person, and the first results appear within a week. After therapy, a person begins to look at the reality around him in a new way, the person's attitude to what is happening around him changes, relations in the family and with others are being established and built. The psychodynamic technology is unique. It is environmentally friendly and safe for humans. As a result of the use of techniques, a person ceases to direct his life energy to experiencing past negative experiences. A new positive worldview, an expanded worldview and a fulfilling life are returning to it. In the seminar program: The seminar may be of interest to specialists working with both the body and the psyche, as well as to heads of companies and specialists involved in recruiting This seminar will help you better understand people, you can read a person like a book, even at the initial stage of your acquaintance with him.After the seminar, you will be able to diagnose a person from a photograph and read his character, as well as his predisposition to a certain type of activity. day 1 -Safety of the therapist, -Development of perceptual skills -What is fluid, prana, qi and so on ... its effect on the body -Typical places of blocks in the body and connection with emotional states, methods of diagnosis and correction. -Work with, correction of psycho-emotional stress. (work with depressive states). -Working with desires and realization day-2 -Global dysfunctions, their influence on the character of a person, the way of thinking and acting. Diagnostic methods -Classification of dysfunctions, methods of correction and diagnosis -The concept of the assemblage point. What is it? Where is it? How to search? And how does it affect our lives? -Maintaining a therapeutic appointment day-3 -Sexual attachments- unfinished relationship. Diagnostic and correction methods. - Work with generic programs of mother and father, work through the umbilical cord. Diagnostic and correction methods. -Working with generic and karmic tasks depending on the client's request. -Work and diagnostics by photography -How to help yourself The seminar will be held on February 26-28, 2021 Cost with an advance payment of UAH 2500 until 02/15/2021 400 USD, equivalent Cost with an advance payment of UAH 2500 after 02/23/2020 - 410 USD, equivalent Organized by ELKOR Clinic Your advance payment at registration will be the security of your place at the seminar. Advance deposit to cardPrivat Bank 4149 4393 0093 1536 Ella Mikhailovna Korobeinikova tel 0682625740, after payment of the advance, report to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram For those who attended the seminar and decided to refresh their knowledge the price is -50% of the cost of the seminar. Limited number of seats! Duration 3 days, 7 hours The cost of the seminar includes: -coffee breaks - handouts after the seminar, a seminar participant certificate is issued. The address of the seminar may change, please check. You should have a pen, notebook, socks, removable shoes, comfortable clothes, your own lunch if you wish. Isachenko Yuri 095 258-61-33, 098 030-73-96 Ella Korobeinikova 068 262-57-40 Conducted by: Yury Isachenko. Osteopath doctor, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Founder of Integrated Osteopathy Yuri Isachenko. YouTube channel: https: // /.../ UC4nTdnl9MgbJ3GrW ... / featured ...

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