The events in Odessa at 27 February 2021

Arch Walk on Pushkinskaya

27 February 2021, 12:00
category: tour
199 UAH
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On a fascinating walk along Pushkinskaya with the "Architecture of Odessa" project, we will talk about houses and their owners, see the ceremonial, unique staircases, picturesque courtyards hidden from our eyes and much more: ✔️ Houses Rally and Marazli. ✔️ Unique Peretz house with painted interiors. ✔️ An excellent example of the city estate of Vuchiny from the middle of the 19th century, which has survived to this day without any major reconstructions and changes. ✔️ The majestic buildings of the Accounting Bank and the Mutual Credit Society. ✔️ New Stock Exchange (Philharmonic) and another masterpiece of the architect Bernardazzi - Hotel Bristol. ✔️ Many exquisite apartment buildings of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries with a visit to their entrances and courtyards, The Sikard Hotel, where A.S. Pushkin lived, whose name gave the street its name. ✔️ The largest and most beautiful apartment building of its time, built by Asvadurov and much more.  Tickets 199 ₴.  Where are we coming from At the corner of Pushkinskaya, 55 and Bazaar. Where do we end At the sculpture of Laocoon, in front of the Archaeological Museum.  Who leads the walk Dmitry Shamatazhi, co-founder of the historical project "Architecture of Odessa", has been studying the architecture of the city since 2008, talks about it on walks, stories and in articles on  Who To understand the essence of Odessa, the walk is interesting for townspeople, tourists, social activists, guides, urbanists, designers, architects, photographers. The walk was made by Alexander Levitsky, Valentina Demchenko and Dmitry Shamatazhi.Valentina answers questions at the number: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see you!

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