The events in Odessa at 24 February 2021

"Odessa restaurants. Their owners and admirers" lecture by Anna Kvyatkovskaya

24 February 2021, 19:00
category: online
free donation
place: Tour Agency "Tude-Syudoy" (Gogol, 10)

We need a good imagination to imagine the old restaurant Odessa. Beautiful ladies in lace and hats hide their white skin under openwork umbrellas. Courteous gentlemen in three-piece suits and pince-nez. The tables are covered with snow-white tablecloths. On the tables are the personalized dishes of Kuznetsov's porcelain, silver phrases, candelabra with lighted candles that flood the large halls of expensive restaurants with soft light. It was so, but it was also different. This city remembers a lot - these are the old Doderibas coffee houses, gluttons, taverns, taverns, drink booths, kitchen tables, beer halls, pies, pastry shops and, of course, restaurants. These establishments, their owners and visitors will be discussed on Wednesday evening.  Date and time: February 24 at 19:00. ⏰ Duration: 1 hour ‍♂️ Type: online lecture  Place of gathering: you-tube channel TA "THERE-SUDOY:  Lecturer: Anna Kvyatkovskaya  Details by phone + 380967010201 and in LAN  Cost - donation We are waiting for you to fall in love with Odessa together again! 

The poster of the event — "Odessa restaurants. Their owners and admirers" lecture by Anna Kvyatkovskaya in Tour Agency "Tude-Syudoy"