The events in Odessa at 25 February 2021

Psychological life of traumatic situations

25 February 2021, 18:30
category: seminar/training
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Psychological life of traumatic situations Therapeutic city can help to reduce the level of negative emotions associated with traumatic experiences. The waste of close people, the loss of common denunciations, the sound of robots, violence, confusion - you can get in touch with the negative admonition, emoji, that will send you mentally and, morally, physically. Meta gris - change the bill and sound the upcoming croc. How vikoristovutsya in grі? Metaphorical associative pictures. Element of technology of neuro-linguistic program. The method of desensitization behind the help of the eyes DPDG (the author of the method Frensin Shapiro), adaptations for the robot with MAC. Gras take place in a set of stages: 1. Shoot a resource. Shukaєmo speeches and situations, which helped us collapse far away and float. 2. Decoding the situation. Behind the help of the cards, you can grasp the understanding and intelligence of the situation, and you can, and look at it from the side. 3. Alternative reality. Shukaimo is the development of pod_y, shchob baciti alternative. 4. Replace the action on the alternative. Vikoristovuєmo method DPDG, by ourselves weakened b_l. 5. Dosvid. The situation gave us a clear lesson and lesson. Razumієmo the upcoming croc, which will help us to get out of it. Zakrіplyuєmo camp by the practice of visualization. SHO ti otrimaєsh pislya prodzhennya: The cleverness of the day of the matter and what did not work out, the whole situation turned out to be a plus. Reasonableness of their resources, as to help to cope with the situation. Razumnnya of the coming krokiv. Decrease in emotional pain. Who to carry out the gro?Olga Fokina is the author of the intensive course "Let the energy into life", svyatotherapist, organizer of visits. Veducha on instagram: Displayed offline. Fate bezkoshtovna, albeit need to reєstratsі: De? Office of the CF "Karitas Odesa UGCC", provulok Lermontovsky, 13 (entrance from the Bilinsky st.) If? 23 fierce, 11:00 or 25 fierce, 18:30 (OBTAIN DATE PID HOUR OF RESTRICTION) Contact telephones: 050 337 00 75, 050 337 00 76. #sm_tsnennya_social_zgurovanosti

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