The events in Odessa at 25 February 2021


25 February 2021, 20:00
category: the game
100 UAH
place: The buffet dining room "the Attic" (PR-t Shevchenko, 4E)

While we are all in anticipation of new premieres, we invite you to remember our favorite films. The game will be entirely dedicated to the film industry, all questions will be somehow related to various films, cartoons 濾 and even TV shows. The game will consist of 7 rounds: both text and media rounds.  Venue: Cherdak cafe, Shevchenko avenue, 4E  February 25, beginning at 20:00  Cost of participation in the game: 100 UAH per person  The team consists of 2 to 8 people.  Register for a quiz using the link: So invite your friends and come to have fun, arrange a workout for the brain! Quiz is a game where your team has to answer different interesting questions, it is similar to both "Brain Ring" and "What? Where? When?" This is how it looks live: #lampquiz #lampquiz #intelligent battle #odesa # goadapoit # entertainment # rest with friends #brains #pubquiz #party #show #quiz #od # gather a team # come #brainstorm #intelligentgame #smart games #barquiz #intelligentgames #quizodec

The poster of the event — KinoQuiz in The buffet dining room "the Attic"