The events in Odessa at 27 February 2021

From the history of the arts: Taunichiy Grunewald

27 February 2021, 14:00
category: lecture
55 UAH
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

樂 "Tamnichiy Grunewald" - this is the name of the lecture of nevipadkov. Until the end of the hour, everything that was lost in the creativity of Grunewald - the Nimetsky artist of the Pivnichny Vidrodzhennya - was covered by the house. Everything is invisible: the name, the date of the people, the fathers and the readers, the whole debate, and the rest of the back. The XXX century revealed to us a whole forgotten genius anew. Now, at home, this reference is Mattias Gothardt Nithardt, an approximate date of life and death (1470 to 1475, Würzburg - 1527). And 11 robots of the religious wizard of the fahivtsi will unscrupulously carry them to the yo recession. But all the same, there are many facts of his creative life appear to be welcomed from us. Only miracles you create will help us to keep a lot of glades. Shvidshe for everything, Mattias is a genial self-taught, like a picture of a philosopher, who is an architect, an engineer-hydraulic engineer, an awakener of fountains. Among the German artists, Grunewald didn’t look like a graph, but only took pictures. It can be won over to the alchemy, more charming farbi can be seen as an unearthly light.At the sight of the beloved A. Durer, who had overflowed the least of his self-portraits - Grunewald didn’t have a call. To be built, scho the artist is not chasing glory, he lives modestly, having turned an orphan. The important fate of the Reformation and the Selyansky War is not standing guard. The most recent tvir - "Izengeimsky Vivtar" Grunewald opened the monasteries of the anthony for the Likarny Church, which stood far from the great places. Among the veterans, sick people prayed to death, knowing in the great and tragic images of "Rozp'yattya" and "Resurrection" for joy and hope. Expresively mystical and also the people of Grunewald's mystery came to sound at our hour. The German Expressions recognized Grunewald as their successor. The composer Paul Hindemit wrote a symphony with the title "Artist Mattias", assigning it to the genial master. #lector_imuseu  Koli? 27 cruel ⏳ About what? 14:00  Party? 55 UAH  Lecturer - Irina Timokhova ❗️Kіlkіst mіsts suvoro surrounded об In order to book your receipts, write to us at your private address.

The poster of the event — From the history of the arts: Taunichiy Grunewald in Museum of Western and Oriental art