The events in Odessa at 04 March 2021

Who do you love...

04 March 2021, 18:00
category: play
80 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Nikolai Kolyada "I LOVE..." on the play "KLIN-OBOZ" Staging, set design, music, people's artist of Ukraine Igor Savickogo. Costume designer Vladimir Gumanenko. Starring: Natalia – honored artist of Ukraine Maria Pivovarova Irina – people's artist of Ukraine Olga Rowicka The usual case of life: one woman went to meet another neighbor... And turned into a storm. After all, they are: the townswoman and the peasant woman – like from different galaxies. In the end, it turned out that they are soul mates... The performance runs without intermission Duration – 1 hour.

The poster of the event — Who do you love... in Ukrainian theater