The events in Odessa at 04 March 2021

Gender Studios

04 March 2021, 11:00
category: exhibition
place: Odessa national research library (pastera str, 13)

4 March 2021 at 11:00, within the framework of the cultural and educational project "Gender Studios" The fight for the rights of women and the international world (as approved by the UN General Assembly resolution of 1977) is very sacred, a symbol of the fight for women for the rights of people and anti-sexism, 8 birch is meant). In the program "I am a woman I am a PROFІ" I ask you:  Take a look without stereotypes at one of the beloved saints of spring, as if there are more than a hundred years, learn more about this genesis and special features of the small lands  get acquainted with the book-documentary vistavka "I am the generation of equality: the realization of the rights of women"  Svyatkovy surprise - photography dryer "I am a woman and I am a professional". On the guests' visit, in the middle of our reading room and reading room, there is no doubt about the charms, but on the other hand, the protagonists of our book-pickers for the love of work and work are not so many, even more ⚡⚡⚡ Special guest - laureate of international competitions ANNA STEPANOVA (saxophone), musical suprovid - ALINA PADALKA (piano). With a radio check on you on Pasteur, 13!

The poster of the event — Gender Studios in Odessa national research library