The events in Odessa at 04 March 2021

MK “Mediation in organizations. Introduction to Specialization "

04 March 2021, 18:00
category: master class
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Master class “Mediation in organizations. Introduction to Specialization ". Business mediation is one of the most promising areas of mediation. Among the well-known directions, there is one more, on which less attention is paid. Or it seems that this is the sphere of HR or an internal mediator. Mediation in the organization. And as in any mediation, it is applied where there is: - complex conflicts - protracted conflicts - distrust increases - Involvement of an uninvolved, neutral specialist is required. Mediation in organizations is systemic mediation. It assumes the presence of a complex of atypical and additional competencies for classical mediation. This is, for example: - understanding the specifics of the development of the conflict in groups and organizations; - a different understanding of conflict group dynamics; - the need to have facilitation skills - and much more. OOGM has a fairly diverse experience in dealing with conflicts in organizations and groups. Has an understanding of the system of working with the organization. And there is enough competence to pass on this experience, opening up a specialization for mediators. OGM trainers - Inna Tereshchenko, Ekaterina Guseva, Andrey Gusev have not only practical experience in mediation groups and organizations, but also experience in describing processes. The master class is part of the specialization program in this area of ​​business mediation. At the master class, we will focus on the following questions: - features of the functioning of conflicts in organizations- the stages of intervention in the conflict in the organization - features of mediation in the organization at different levels - Facilitation as one of the mediation techniques in the organization. The duration of the MK is 3 hours. Format - interactive (online) As a result, IC participants will get a sufficient understanding of the specifics of mediation in organizations, its implementation and will be able to assess their own competencies in this type of service. At the end of the master class, within half an hour after its completion, the program of the module, specialization, which will also be held in March, will be presented. What do you need: Mandatory registration at the link: How much and payment: 3 hours of the webinar - 1000 UAH Payment to PB card Managers of OOGM are happy with questions :) Natalia Kovaleva - 063 144 91 74 Evgeniya Ternovaya - 098 237 96 77

The poster of the event — MK “Mediation in organizations. Introduction to Specialization " in Location