The events in Odessa at 04 March 2021

"Internship at Turkey -2021" professional seminar for students

04 March 2021, 17:00
category: online
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Meta to the call: providing information about the possibility of passing the internship outside the cordon near 2021 rotsi. Tsilova auditoria: students, vicladachi. Date: 4 birch, about 17:00, on-line ZOOM (request for a re-structure for the sake: The main food, which will be viewed at the seminar: • Would you like to spend your internship? • Vimogi up to trainee? • What is the level of salary for the trainee? • Bezpechennya bespeki passing experience • How long does it take to the length of service? • Would you mind raising the contract and turning to Ukraine? • Why is it necessary to pass spіvbesіdi? • What documents are required for passing the internship documents? • Procedure for preparing documents before the internship? • Before any starting financial vitrates, do we need to prepare? • Life hacks: I don’t think about it, is it more important for the nobility when they are on probation behind the cordon? Speakers: representatives of the travel company Kilit Global, representative of the university-representative for the experience at the university. Format: ZOOM conference. To participate in the seminar, you need to memorize a questionnaire for your suggestions: Data for access to the ZOOM conference will be sent to registered participants. If you have food, be weasel, turn around: Pavlenko Olena Panteliyivna, +38 (067) 752-98-19

The poster of the event — "Internship at Turkey -2021" professional seminar for students in Location