The events in Odessa at 04 March 2021

LEGAL MATRIX: Violation of the rights of the child in the digital middle. Focus uvagi ...

04 March 2021, 10:00
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I will look at the accessibility of the digital medium and the pace of growing up for an hour in the minds of the new pandemic, feeding on the rights of the child and prevention, the law-enforcers are becoming even more hostile.  The Coordination Center for Legal Assistance in the Partnership with the Hromadsky Organization “Focus of Law”, the Hromadsky Organization “The National Child is Glad” and the All-Ukrainian Fundamental Online Organizational Violation of the rights of the child in the digital middle. Focus of respect for pravnikiv ", as it will be 04 birch about 10.00 a.m. ⏰. For an hour to come, plan to discuss the next meal: ✅ the rights of the child in the digital middle and their implementation; ✅ the types of threats to the well-being of children at the link to the digital middle-class (risky to the children at the digital center); ✅ Ways to identify / identify the violation of the rights of the child in the digital middle; ✅ Mechanisms for violating the rights of a child and responding to violations of the rights of a child in the digital middle; ✅ Investigation of problems against children in the digital environment; ✅ Securing the participation of children in the viroblenna and in the provision of securing the right to guarantee and guaranteeing the rights of the digital middle. Tsіlі negotiation Formulate a statement about the declared problematics in the legal area, correct the faults and the keys to nutrition, and require a response from the side of the lawyers and advocates.‍Format visit Pravova Matritsya (Legal Matrix) - a price tag for exchanging thoughts in a manual and transparent format. Transmissionє moderated without expert discussion (without online translation). ➡️Participants Before participation, please ask lawyers, judges, foremen of the system of providing free legal aid, representatives of legal organizations and others, professional activity of which is exact to the subject of expert discussion. ❗️Resolution for the fate will take place until 03/02/2021 for the sake of https: // We will be happy with the performances on the Zoom platforms. The fate of the negotiated brother is deprived of the previously registered experts, the scope of which is close to the subject of the call. ❗️❗️Vrahoyuchi format of entry, the number of participants is interconnected. The organizers reserve for themselves the right to review the results of the analysis of the restoration questionnaires. Also, until 03 birch, to go through the online experience of lawyers and provide legal assistance to the rights of the child's representative in the digital community. Experiencing pass for the best https: // ℹ️ Organizatori Coordination Center for Legal Aid, Hromadska Organization "Focus of Law", Hromadska Organization "Nationally Glad to Children and Young People" and All-Ukrainian Benefit Organization "Ukrainian Fundamentals" of Legal Aid. The organizers of the event: PRAVOKATOR Legal Club, Gromadska Organization "Focus of Law" and Ukrainian Foundation of Legal Aid Online:

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