The events in Odessa at 14 June 2021

The best management insights from Natalia Mashkina

14 June 2021, 15:00
category: seminar/training
place: Center of personal development "Development" (Uspenskaya str., 60)

Leaders are not born. In most cases, we are thrown from a boat into a pond and said: "Well, swim!" We understand. That is why Natalya Sashkina, a leader and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, tells without embellishment her best insights about management in a cycle of trainings ... ⠀ SAGA ABOUT INSIGHTS • 3 days June 14, 15, 16  ⠀ Day 1. Master Control Keys [June 14 15:00 to 22:00] ⠀ About personnel management from the very beginning. On the types of employees, levels of power, the mission of the leader and his personal effectiveness. Even if you're not a beginner, I bet you don't even know half of the tricks? ⠀ Day 2. Delegate and Stay Alive [June 15 15:00 to 22:00] ⠀ A special day for those who are ... tired of doing everything themselves  The whole truth about delegation, writing technical specifications, control, training, trust in employees and conflicts. We learn to spend 80% on preparation for delegating work, and only 20% on the work itself. ⠀ Day 3. Ambulance HR [June 16 from 15:00 to 22:00] ⠀ About monotonous work that all entrepreneurs and personnel officers are too lazy to do. We learn to correctly write job descriptions, and effectively select the necessary employees for them. ⠀ If this post was thrown off you and you don't know anything about us - let's get acquainted at a short meeting! Come to Natalia Sashkina's master class "The Price of Delegation" on May 25. Its cost is 500 UAH. The perfect excuse to love us at first sight. ⠀ Registration for all events in Yandex.Direct 

The poster of the event — The best management insights from Natalia Mashkina in Center of personal development "Development"