The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

American Film Festival "Nezalezhnist": film "Sound to Metal"

11 June 2021, 21:30
category: movie
from 100 to 150 UAH
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

Surpass the most beautiful films of 2021 to the rock of a bashful vidkrytymi! Within the framework of the 11th American Film Festival "Nezalezhnist", 3 lines were amazed, and the most prestigious cinema forums were celebrated: the "Oscar", "Golden Globe" awards, the festival near Cannes. 11 worms, 21:30 - c / f "Sound to Metal" Crunch: 12 worms, 21:30 - film "Gloria" Crunch: 13 chervnya, 21:30 - cinema "Minari" Crunch: Shows will be shown in the framework of the 11th American Film Festival "Nezalezhnist". The festival will be held during the show of the US Embassy in Ukraine. The partner of the Green Theater cinema section is the Vilki-Palki online restaurant. * 11 worms, 21:30 - c / f "Sound to Metal" Crunch: Punk drummer Ruben seeks to deceive. Writing a visitor to the forefront about non-gate deafness, Ruben rosum, which is a musical car, and at the same time from it and life, there is a threat. The nominee for the "Golden Globe" -2021 for the most beautiful actor's group - Drama (Riz Akhmed). * 12 worms, 21:30 - film "Gloria" Crunch: The film of the glorious life of Oloria Stein from the hour of youth to popularity - five articles of Oloria to know the glance of the young stages of life: youth in the Indian magazine, asleep 1960s and nadal. * 13 chervnya, 21:30 - cinema "Minari" Crunch: Korean-American homeland has moved to a Christian farm in Arkansas by the jokes of the American government. The order in the house is preliminarily changing with the arrival of a tricky, quarrelsome, alley even more lovable babus. "Golden Globe 2021" for the most beautiful film in earthy language.

The poster of the event — American Film Festival "Nezalezhnist": film "Sound to Metal" in Green theatre