The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

Dysfunctions of the Foot and Ankle. PC Correction Methods

11 June 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation (St. Trinity, 38, clinic 5, KAB.19)

We invite you to the seminar in applied kinesiology course "Dysfunctions of the Foot and Ankle. Correction Methods" Dmitry Kushchik June 11-13, 2021 in Odessa. A seminar devoted to dysfunctions of the foot and ankle joint, because it is the support on which the entire human body rests. It is both a spine support and a pelvic support. The importance of proper functioning of the foot and ankle joint can be discussed for a very long time ... .. Theoretical part: ▶ ️ Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle ▶ ️Foot and Ankle Function ▶ ️Foot & Ankle Biomechanics ▶ ️ movement phenomena ▶ ️ the concept of "relative" motion ▶ reflection of important aspects of health in the foot ▶ ️ arches of the foot: stages of formation, function of arches foot and body structure ▶ ️foot, ankle and breathing ▶ ️foot, ankle and autonomic nervous system ▶ ️ Relationship with emotional background ▶ ️anatomical deformities of the foot and ankle ▶ ️distribution of load on the foot and ankle joint ▶ ️ most common foot dysfunctions (heel spur, ingrown toenail, flat feet, valgus and varus) ▶ Anomalies in the development of the foot ▶ ️Foot and overlying joints variety of insoles influence of the insole on structure, emotions, vegetation Practical part: ➡️Manual muscle testing of the muscles of the lower leg and foot (calf muscle, ➡️the front and backtibial muscles, peroneal muscle, tertiary muscle, extensor of the thumb short and long, plantar muscles) ➡️ visual diagnostics of violations ➡️ diagnostics on the podoscope work with muscle dysfunctions ➡️working with fascial shortening ➡️working with spikes ➡️ Manipulation of the heel bone ➡️ Manipulation of the ankle fork ➡️ manipulation of the cuboid and scaphoid bones ➡️ ligament correction ➡️correction of intraosseous disorders ➡️ joint alignment kinesiological selection of the insole To register for the seminar, an advance payment of 2500 hryvnia is made to the account and is a guarantee of a place at the seminar  The cost of the seminar is 270 euros, eq. Early registration until May 15, 2021, the cost of participation is less than 250 euros, equivalent. Organizer Ella Korobeinikova +380682625740 Viber, whatsapp, telegram Must Know Manual Muscle Testing! Who did not take the first manual muscle testing workshop, there is an opportunity to study him before the Stop workshop. Upon completion, all participants receive a certificate. If you are far away and do not have the opportunity to come to the seminar, you can attend with us online through Zoom. Address of the seminar: the seminar will be announced additionally and may change, check. You should have a pen, notebook, socks, changeable shoes, comfortable clothes, your lunch if you wish. Coffee break and snacks included. There is an organization of lunches.Association for Applied Kinesiology Conducted by Kinesiologist Dmitry Kushchik.

The poster of the event — Dysfunctions of the Foot and Ankle. PC Correction Methods in ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation