The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

Old School Weekend

11 June 2021, 11:00
category: more
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

Invid on weekend bezkoshtovny Participation in the activities is paid - about the participation, apparently, in publications. Follow the updates! Old school is cool! Nastilki krutiy, scho Zeleniy theater vlashtovu Old school weekend for all the motherland from 11 to 13 hearts from the very wound and until evening! Tsey vіkend finished, abi at kogos caught heartfelt nostalgia, and htos wondered how the daddy rose up in his youth! Well, you have a check on it? Riznomanitny retro-dvizh! We are cool just of the sky of old musical platyvka, start-up arcade games automatics and punches for the atmosphere of the early 1980s, we ask you for a maister-class for older and older children, as well as a prepared themed menu for food court with deg. On the menu, mіzh іnshim, there are American steaks and "toy samiy" corn soup! In the program: For older ones: Rose pid alternative kava about alternative cinema in the Daily Wine tasting in Jean-Batist bari Workshops with prints from scenes of cult American films on be-yaky yours VI not only For children: Kulіnarnі meister-class Art workshops Busy from the beginning of the masks of the love of Marvel superheroes chi DC VI not only And we dodamo the atmosphere of the American get-together, we are more delighted with the most beautiful American movies of 2021, and we ask you for the strings within the framework of the Nezalezhnist festival: 11 worms, 21:30 - c / f "Sound to Metal" Crunch: 12 worms, 21:30 - film "Gloria" Crunch:13 chervnya, 21:30 - cinema "Minari" Crunch:

The poster of the event — Old School Weekend in Green theatre