The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Walk "Greeks + Jews = Odessa"

12 June 2021, 16:00
category: tour
350 UAH
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We invite you to take a walk in the company of two guides along the new route “Greeks + Jews = Odessa”. It is known that our city was created by the efforts of many Odessa citizens of different nationalities. And among them, the Greeks and Jews stood out for their active character, with whom the formation of Odessa and the formation of its atmosphere are associated. On the author's excursion by Elena Uvarova and Vladimir Chaplin, we must:  Let's understand why our city was called “Greek” and “Jewish”;  Let's imagine what Odessa was like at the beginning of its formation;  We will see places associated with representatives of the Jewish and Greek communities;  Find out that modern Greece and Israel were created in Odessa;  Hear funny jokes, tragic stories and myths that filled the life of Odessa Greeks and Jews In the process of walking, you and I will involuntarily have a question - what are these people doing today? We will find out already on June 12! ☀️  Meeting point: st. Nizhinskaya, 66 (near the tram stop, next to Tiraspolskaya square) ✅ Cost: 350 UAH Register by the link: Or leave a request by phone 050 50 111 40

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