The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

SPECIAL BOARD. Dmitro and Olena Borisovi

12 June 2021, 13:00
category: master class
place: М1 club hotel (French b-R, 1)

Before the hour of the crisis, that non-one-time lockdowns, which became for the restaurant industry wiklik, the family business of Dmitra and Oleni has opened 10 new restaurants and food-holdings, organizing the delivery service 1 euro delivery and a bottle of new ones directly. The Christmas stench is served by 65 restaurants and 4000 sportsmen and 5 children. About those, how to transform wikliks at the opportunity and from whom to be successful in family business without the help of the owners at the new Board event.  Format? - SPECIAL BOARD  Koli? - 12 worms about 13:00  De? - Odesa, hotel M1  Subject? - Ti, you saw. Epoch change and update to business in the post-day hour  Spikeri? - Dmitro and Olena Borisov, restaurateur, owner and CEO of GastroFamily Let's talk about: - as a cheruvati company in the minds of extreme non-value, not only to see, but to develop; - what kind of transition from digital and what trends will be the beginning of the industry in the most popular rock; - about unsubstantiated collaboration, management wiki and win-win strategies as the basis of a modern ecological business. You can tell about the fate of that reservation by turning to your board Angel. ❗ Tips for business class members

The poster of the event — SPECIAL BOARD. Dmitro and Olena Borisovi in М1 club hotel