The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

Slava Komissarenko

11 June 2021, 20:00
category: humor
place: The concert-hall "Sady Pobedy" (Akademicheskaya str, 28)

Slava Komissarenko is a stand-up comic from Bilorusia, a resident of the TV project "Stand Up" and a mentor of the show of talent "Vidkritiy Mikrofon" on TNT channels. Comedy Glory having taken up 18 rockies, however, even after 3 rocky heat, they began to bring not only splashes, but a dime. During his career, he took the fate of the great television projects: "Laughter without rules", "Slaughter League", "Comedy Battle", satirical new TV programs "Bunker News". Slavi's specialty is a wide humorous arsenal. Yoogo heat and life and history are kind and close to the skin - like blue from the village, life in megapolis, touring and socializing in social media. Buti comic - for new means spilkuvatisya with a glance of my humor: chic, charming and head, truthful and generous. Clever Slavi marvel at the simple situation with a non-standard cut to play it out in a fair and simple way. Concerts by Slavi Komisarenko - I will sacredly humor and mood! Special guest of the SHOW - Andriy Kolmachevskiy. The triviality of the concert is 1 year old, 20 min. 18+ Information and booking tickets for tel.: (048) 785-85-85, (048 2) 36-39-00, (048 2) 36-39-05.

The poster of the event — Slava Komissarenko in The concert-hall "Sady Pobedy"