The events in Odessa at 13 June 2021

Summer lunch

13 June 2021, 14:00
category: master class
900 UAH
place: Cooking school "Hoarder" (Pushkinskaya str., 30)

It is difficult to separate French and Italian dishes, as well as thinking about what to cook in the summer, so easy and cool, so the "Summer Lunch" will take place on Sunday, June 13 at‼ ️14: 00‼ ️ Let's prepare and try:  Cold cucumber velute with mint and cilantro;  Quiche with green peas, spinach and cottage cheese;  Semifredo with chocolate and almonds MASTER CLASS FORMAT  We get together at 14:00 at 119 Uspenskaya Street. If necessary, we will refresh ourselves with coffee or cool down with water.  Let's start with the French quiche dough so that it has time to stabilize while making the cold soup and filling. Everyone will have their own part of the job.  Next, let's cook the Italian semifredo, you need to hold it in the freezer.  Of course we will try everything with light wine. There is no violence in Plyushka. Your active participation in the process is encouraged, but not required. We cook in a light, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with music and jokes. THE TERMS OF PARTICIPATION 1. Register for the master class at the link  2. Enter 400 UAH of prepayment, card number in the registration form. 3. Arrive at the appointed time with the rest of the payment and enjoy the process. The cost of participation is 900 UAH.

The poster of the event — Summer lunch in Cooking school "Hoarder"